How a small fish helped the giant whale and saw the world during his journey

The glitter of a single ray of sunshine against the silver foil in the cigarette pack on Paul Kor's desk formed the shape of a little fish in Kor's mind and led him to conceive the idea of Caspion, the little silvery fish. This idea evolved into an illustrated children's book.

The children's love for the book encouraged the toy industry to produce jigsaw puzzles, memory and card games using the illustrated characters from Kor's book. Even first-aid plasters for children used those characters.

Children responded well to the book "Caspion the Little Fish" and found it easy to relate to. This encouraged Paul Kor to come up with additional adventure stories about the little fish that helps the giant whale and create "Caspion is in Danger" and "Caspion's Great Journey".


Caspion the little fish still swims through the world's oceans. Kor's books were translated into numerous languages and continue to delight children and parents alike, worldwide. Since 1990, Caspion has been a solid bestseller.