The Paul Kor Wall in Tel-Aviv/Jaffa, Independence Day 2018

Shuki Kook's gallery offers a unique opportunity to view some of the posters Paul Kor had designed for Israel's Independence Day over the years.

Kor won first prize in the competition for the official Independence Day poster in 1952 and again in 1963, plus various other prizes.

Having immigrated to Israel in 1948, Paul Kor's career promptly fit into the art and graphic design scene of the young country.

Kor's work included significant artistic and commercial achievements through projects for such leading local organizations as El-Al Israel Airlines, Elite, Hassne Insurance, Tambur Paints, Egged, Merck (MSD) pharmaceuticals, banknotes for the Bank of Israel and stamps for the Israel Postal Service.


Kor gained prominence in the local market and won various awards abroad. He conveyed his ideas through effective visual means, with grace and humor. He won awards from the Maeght gallery in France and the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Kor's major artistic achievements – his oil paintings – addressed such diversified topics as the Holocaust, the liberation of Nelson Mandela, the war in Bosnia, the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and many others.

Kor made a particularly important contribution to Israeli children's literature. His children's books are imaginative, colorful and beautifully designed. He is the father of "Kaspion the Little Fish" – a children's book translated into numerous languages. Kaspion still swims in the world's oceans. Kor's books made a substantial contribution to the children of Israel. He always said the colors are in the children's hearts.